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Catalonia’s Designation of Origin (DO Catalunya) celebrates the 6th BlocDOCat Competition in order to recognise and reward private initiatives to promote the values of Catalan wine and wine culture. DO Catalunya has an innovative and creative vision of wine, and under this criteria it  wants to recognise the virtual spaces for the discussion, promotion, exchange of opinions, ratings, and tastings of Catalan wines, a tool we believe is crucial and with wide-reaching impact for the promotion of our wine culture, particularly in Catalonia.


The world of communication has experienced massive changes over the past 10 years of the BlocDOCat Competition: new media and channels have emerged while others have become less relevant and/or disappeared. The transmedia concept impacts the majority of professional and private communications, and this competition aims to recognise the promotion of wine culture in all possible channels and formats.


On the other hand, DO Catalunya has had a passion for exporting and internationalisation since its inception. Therefore, the VI edition of this competition will not have categories that depend on the origin/location of the participants. Anyone, from any country, can make a submission to any of the 3 established categories, provided they meet the requirements set forth below.

  • All those authors of text/video/image* dedicated to the world of wine and wine culture and who make their submission from Wednesday, 19 September to Sunday, 18 November 2018 (inclusive) are eligible to compete.
  • Authors of text/video/image* must fill out the form corresponding to the competition category to participate (forms found at docat.cat).
  • The languages permitted in the competition are Catalan, Spanish, and English.
  • The text/video/image* submitted to the VI BlocDOCat Competition in each of the categories must be of an informative nature (personal or journalistic) and in no case commercial (public, business and/or corporate). All text/video/image* made by or referring to companies or organisations will be considered corporate. However, the competition will not take into consideration whether the platform on which the entry was published (if applicable) does or does not include advertising.
  • All text/video/image* submitted to the competition must be posted on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube) with the #DOCatalunya and #VIBlocDOCat hashtags. Likewise, the participating text/video/image* may have a date of creation prior to the competition announcement, but must be reposted during the current submission period to the BlocDOCat Competition.
  • The author/user of the social network/s on which the participating text/video/image* is posted must have an open profile that ensures their participation is visible.
  • The content of the participating text/video/image* must promote the Catalan wine industry’s wine and wine culture in all of its related fields (production, preparation, tastings, food, etc.).
  • The posts submitted to the Contest may be made before or during the submission period for the BlocDOCat Competition, which ends on 18 November 2018.
  • Participants may post about their participation and use the VI BlocDOCat competition logos in their profiles.
  • A text/video/image* may only be submitted to a single category in the BlocDOCat Competition.
  • The same author/user can submit entries to more than one category.
  • Any text/video/image* that is linked to the sponsorship, promotion, or public relations activities of DO Catalunya will be excluded from the competition.

DO Catalunya will ultimately give an award in 3 categories at the 6th BlocDOCat Competition:


With a first prize worth €2.000(*)

Publications on at least one of the following platforms (with the hashtags established in the rules) and in the following formats can be submitted:

  • Posts posted on personal blogs
  • Articles published in digital media
  • Facebook posts
  • Tweets: in this case, due to the length of the post, creativity and originality will also be taken into consideration


With a first prize worth €2.000(*)

Videos less than 15 minutes long, published on at least one of the following platforms (with the hashtags established in the rules) may participate:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube


With a first prize worth €2.000(*)

Proprietary photographs published on at least one of the following platforms (with the hashtags established in the rules) can be submitted (photographic montages (mosaics, etc.) are excluded):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

(*) Subject to taxes determined by current law.

Check here the competition rules!