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The Contest, fromerlu known as BlocDOCat is renewed to give voice to the new digital channels

Denominación de Origen (DO) Catalunya [Catalonia Denomination of Origin] is organising the 7th DO Catalunya Digital Wine Contest (formerly, BlocDOCat) to recognise and reward private online initiatives aimed at communicating the values of wine culture and Catalan wine in particular.

DO Catalunya adopts a creative and innovative approach to the wine sector. With that in mind, it wishes to recognise the online spaces that exist for reflection, communication, opinion exchange, assessment and tastings related to Catalan wines, a tool we believe is important and that provides a valuable showcase for communicating wine culture, especially in Catalonia.

Throughout the more than 14-year history of the BlocDOCat Contest, the world of communication has undergone some major changes: new media and channels have emerged while others have lost significance and/or presence. 

This year has also brought the exceptional circumstances stemming from the global COVID-19 pandemic, leading to an increase in digital content and its consumption. The wine sector has not escaped these trends. The use of remote tools and the emergence and consolidation of new social media has once again highlighted the need to innovate and adapt to new languages and channels, and the power of image. The modern transmedia concept forms an intrinsic part of most professional and non-professional media. It is precisely that effort to mainstream the communication of wine culture that this contest seeks to emphasise. 

DO Catalunya has also always been focused on exports and the international market. As a result, there are no categories in this 7th edition of the contest that are based on the origin or location of participants. Anyone in any country can enter the contest in any of the four categories, provided that they meet the requirements for each one in these terms and conditions.

Finally, DO Catalunya will issue DWC prizes (7th edition of the contest formerly known as BlocDOCat) in four categories:

  • Category of ‘Best Image about #vinocatalán and wine-making culture’ with a first prize worth € 1,500(1).
  • Category of ‘Best Video about #vinocatalán and wine-making culture’ with a first prize worth € 1,500(1).
  • Category of ‘Best Text about #vinocatalán and wine-making culture’ with a first prize worth € 1,500(1).
  • Category of ‘Best Influencer about #vinocatalán and wine-making culture’ with a first prize worth € 2,000(1).

In addition to the name change, the competition includes other innovations in order to involve the user in the selection of winners, as well as to value communication and quality content in the wine sector and especially Catalan wine.

Best Influencer about #vicatalà and Wine-making Culture.

In this category, all those profiles of users on social networks who act as prescriptive agents of the culture and quality of Catalan wine in a broad way will be able to compete.

In this way, there are two ways to participate: register yourself or have a third party propose a specific profile. In any case, the source of the registration will not be made public.

Pizes opened to popular vote

For the first time in the history of the DO Catalunya Awards, these are open to popular vote:

  • Categories of Best image, Best video and Best text: 50% popular vote and 50% professional jury
  • Best Prescriber Category: 100% popular vote

*In case of detecting a possible anomaly or fraud, the organization reserves the right to withdraw any participant from the competition.


To participate, all you have to do is fill in the form for the category in which you want to participate and read the competition rules carefully.