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La Quinta de la DOCat

DO Catalunya wines presents at the open air Film Festival at ‘Sala Montjuïc’

Music and cinema night with the seal of DO Catalunya

For yet another summer, DO Catalunya joined the promotion of cinema and culture led by the Open Air Cinema Cycle at Sala Montjuïc to pair its wines with a selection of the best films of all time, concerts and shorts, and to continue the task of disseminating wine culture.

DO Catalunya’s presence at this activity aimed to bring wine closer to a younger audience, who are more distanced from wine culture, pairing wines with different fun, cultural activities that take place in Catalonia every year.

A wine tasting, open-air cinema and a visit to Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona were some of the options that DO Catalunya and Sala Montjuïc offered throughout the cycle of screenings last July.