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Bacus to the future

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Bacus to the future  /  Àlex S. Roca and Andrés Palomino

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About Alex S. Roca and Andrés Palomino

Alex S. Roca

An illustrator, animator and creator of friki comics with a personal style. He’s the founder of the video producer and postproduction Quarantados. He’s created several animations for the TV, cinema and viral videos such as Españistán. Àlex creates characters and stories with a touch of the fantasy film, TV shows and cult comic books. He’s the coauthor, together with Andrés Palomino, of the comic ¿Dónde está el guionista?.


Andrés Palomino

A prolific writer, monologist and comic book author. Since 2008 he’s been publishing the comic strips of his webcomic Las crónicas PSN that depict the life of comic books, RPG and video-games geeks. He’s published Manual para padres frikis¿Dónde estará el guionista? and the book Generació Tomàtic. He also works as a screenwriter for the children’s program of TVC, El Club Super3. His last work, financed by crowdfunding, is Por Crom, aventuras épicas de un heavy rolero.

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