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Bohemia, David Morancho

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La Quinta de la DOCat

Bohemia  /  David Morancho

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About the author

David Morancho

His premature talent, with only 17 years old, let him publish in Ediciones B magazine Zipi Zape and Super Lopez. His drawings, together with Martín Pardo’s scripts, were published in their comic books Eclipse, Mal Chance and Red Mantis; the latter was published in the United States. He has worked a long time doing storyboards and illustrations for different advertisement agencies and illustrating textbooks both in hard copy and digital formats. Currently, he is exclusively dedicated to comics. His last work is called Sara Lone, an adventure saga set in the late 50’s in North America with a characteristic pin-up look like. Sara Lone has become a successful publication in France, Belgium and Spain.

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