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In Vino Veritas

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In Vino Veritas  /  Raule and Roger

About Raule and Roger


Prolific screenwriter that works almost exclusively for the French market. He’s teamed up with some Spanish cartoonists such as Gabor, Juan Luis Landa, José Mª Martín Saurí. But he’s worked specially with Roger Ibáñez, and together they created Hole ‘n’ VirginAmores muertosand Cabos Sueltos. The last work of this duo is Jazz Maynard, a “noir” genre saga based in the Raval in Barcelona.


Roger Ibañez

Comic book artist with a characteristic style and elegant and distinctive inking. He started publishing in the 90s in the OtakuPenthouse Comixand Amaníaco magazines, and some of his comics were of erotic genre. He’s created most of his work together with his screenwriter colleague Raule. His last work is Jazz Maynard, a successful saga of “noir” genre with 4 volumes already published.

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