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Round about Midwine

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La Quinta de la DOCat

Round about Midwine  /  Sagar Fornies

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About the author

Sagar Fornies

Fornies’ quick sketches are ingenious; he has worked in advertisement and has created important staging designs. His sketchbooking skills don’t need the use of photos; his markers and brushes are enough to portray reality. Some of his drawings have turned into illustrated books such as Las ramblas, Redescubriendo el Eixample and Barcelona travelnotebook. Remarkable works are La ola perfecta, Bajo la piel, Dimas with Andreu Martín as scriptwriter, and his recent work called Barcelona. Los Vagabundos de la chatarra, with Jorge Carrión as scriptwriter, is an initiative to graphic journalism that immerses the reader in another sight of Barcelona, far from what is seen in the postcards.

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