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An inexperienced life

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La Quinta de la DOCat

An inexperienced life  /  Manel Fontdevila

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About the author

Manel Fontdevila

His long cartoonist career is marked by a strong and critic style towards the political establishment. Fondevila has a refined eye for the mundane life which he genuinely employs it to create his comic strips. He was published in the legendary 1980’s magazines and newspapers, and he has also written various graphic novels. He has an extended compilation of comic strips published by the weekly satire magazine El Jueves, from which La Parejita comic series was born. Currently, he publishes his everyday comic strip in El Diario.es; besides, he is one of the creators of the digital satire magazineOrgullo y Satisfacción, where he keeps publishing more adventures from La Parejita.

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