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DO Catalunya

DO Catalunya’s distinction in a bottle is a guarantee of quality for the consumer. Nowadays, DO Catalunya gathers most of catalan wine-makers municipes. The goal is to improve gradually its wine and vineyard quality, promoting the investigation and application of the brand new tech, as a necessary element to provide the demanding market in these days. Consolidate, create and innovating are the main defining guidelines of Denominació d’Origen Catalunya.

New spot premier party

Did you miss the new spot premier party? Don't worry, here you have a video with the best moments! #comeon

A universe in each bottle

Don’t miss DO Catalunya new spot! A trip to get closer with the pleasure little things and discover a univers in each bottle. #comeon

The jury of the 6th BlocDOCat Competition

Don't miss the presentation and deliberation of the jury of the 6th edition of theBlocDOCat Competition

‘Bohemia’, an excerpt of the piece

DO Catalunya presents a short film based on the Vinomic by David Morancho.



DO Catalunya continues to support this initiative. Comics inspired by the wold of wine, by talented local authors.

10 tips for identifying wine

What’s the difference between a reserva and a crianza? How do you pair wine well with a menu? Is drinking a glass of wine a day healthy? Here’s the guide for all wine lovers!

“A Taula, vi català”

Would you like to know where to try different signature Catalan wines? Discover the list of restaurants that have obtained a distinction for their clear commitment to local wines!

DOCat news