Vinòmics it’s a collective online and regular project that consists of 7 graphic stories made from the colours of wine. You’ll find different narrative and graphic styles that conform an original and delicious pairing of comics and wines that the audience will be able to savour.

‘The same wine’, Albert Monteys

‘Weightless White’, Deamo Bros

‘An inexperienced life’, Manel Fontdevila

‘The emperor’s wine’, Oriol Malet

‘Round about midwine’, Sagar

‘The spirit of wine’, Maribel Carod

‘Bohemia’, David Morancho

‘What I know about wine’, Miguel Gallardo

‘The memory of glass’, Jaime Martín

‘Indecision’, Bea Tormo

‘In vino veritas’, Raule & Roger Ibáñez

‘Bacus to the future’, Andrés Palomino & Àlex Roca

‘Monastic Lifes’, Ana Belén Rivero

‘The wine’s senses’, Jorge Carrión & Martín Tognola