Any person who looks after their own vineyards as well as manages all the processes up to the consumer opening a bottle of wine is obviously firmly committed to their product, their environment and land as well as their target public. This is no doubt valuable information when deciding whether to buy one product or another.

With this vocation for the utmost transparency and information for consumers, the Designation of Origin Catalunya has created a new distinction for some of its wines under the name “Catalunya Vinyeró” which distinguishes wines that have been produced by the very peasant farmers who make and market their productions.

When you find a DO Catalunya wine labelled “Catalunya Vinyeró”, you can be absolutely certain there’s a winemaker behind it that has looked after the vines, made the wine exclusively with their own grapes and taken care of the marketing and sales.

Consumers can already find various “Catalunya Vinyeró” references on the market with more to be added in the coming months.


Catalunya Vinyeró is synonymous to knowing the wine chosen comes completely from our vineyards and that the production process has, of course, been endorsed by the Regulatory Council.


How can you identify these wines?

It’s really easy! You just have to look for the “Catalunya Vinyeró” mark on the bottle.

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