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La Quinta de la DOCat

This year 2017 Vinomics are back!
The DO Catalunya keeps supporting this initiative of little stories inspired in the world of wine and signed by well-known talented authors that live in Catalonia.
Vinòmics it’s a collective online and regular project that consists of 7 graphic stories made from the colours of wine. You’ll find different narrative and graphic styles that conform an original and delicious pairing of comics and wines that the audience will be able to savour monthly.
Vinòmics can be read in Catalan, Spanish and English.

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Bea Tormo

Bacus to the future

Andrés Palomino & Àlex S. Roca

The Wine’s Senses

Jordi Carrión and Martín Tognola

The memory of glass

Jaime Martín

In Vino Veritas

Raule & Roger

Monastic Lifes

Ana Belén Rivero



Acknowledged illustrator and author of comic books, with an extensive professional background that ranges from the Underground comix until the present. He designs posters, illustrations for the press and biographical comic albums. One of his best-known works is María y yo; an autobiography of his relationship with his autistic daughter, María. For this work, he’s won a national award, the Premi Nacional de Còmic in 2008.

Jaime Martín

He’s the creator of Sangre de Barrio, Lo que el viento trae or Las guerras silenciosas. He most of the time works with biographical material and his works are infused of certain social criticism. Currently he works mainly for the French and Belgian markets, even though his comic books are published in several countries. Jamás tendré 20 años is his last album, which won the Award for Best work from a Spanish author in the Saló del Còmic in 2017.

Bea Tormo

Author from La Rioja but living in Catalonia since many years ago. Her strong point are the humorous comic books that depict everyday life and social criticism. She’s created comic strips for El Jueves magazine and at the present she works with the satirical digital magazine Orgullo y Satisfacción. Bea has also drawn several children’s books and has participated in different collective projects such as Caniculadas, a summer webcomic made up of a group of authoresses.


Prolific screenwriter that works almost exclusively for the French market. He’s teamed up with some Spanish cartoonists such as Gabor, Juan Luis Landa, José Mª Martín Saurí. But he’s worked specially with Roger Ibáñez, and together they created Hole ‘n’ Virgin, Amores muertos and Cabos Sueltos. The last work of this duo is Jazz Maynard, a “noir” genre saga based in the Raval in Barcelona.

Roger Ibañez

Comic book artist with a characteristic style and elegant and distinctive inking. He started publishing in the 90s in the Otaku, Penthouse Comix and Amaníaco magazines, and some of his comics were of erotic genre. He’s created most of his work together with his screenwriter colleague Raule. His last work is Jazz Maynard, a successful saga of “noir” genre with 4 volumes already published.

Àlex S. Roca

An illustrator, animator and creator of friki comics with a personal style. He’s the founder of the video producer and postproduction Quarantados. He’s created several animations for the TV, cinema and viral videos such as Españistán. Àlex creates characters and stories with a touch of the fantasy film, TV shows and cult comic books. He’s the coauthor, together with Andrés Palomino, of the comic ¿Dónde está el guionista?.

Andrés Palomino

A prolific writer, monologist and comic book author. Since 2008 he’s been publishing the comic strips of his webcomic Las crónicas PSN that depict the life of comic books, RPG and video-games geeks. He’s published Manual para padres frikis, ¿Dónde estará el guionista? and the book Generació Tomàtic. He also works as a screenwriter for the children’s program of TVC, El Club Super3. His last work, financed by crowdfunding, is Por Crom, aventuras épicas de un heavy rolero.

Martin Tognola

Illustrator born in Buenos Aires but living in Barcelona for more than 20 years. He’s worked for La Vanguardia, Le Monde, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Hollywood Reporter and Time Out. He’s currently working in the publishing sector, where he draws comic strips and develops more personal projects. He also coordinates the group project Los lunes, autismo. His drawings have taken on a life thanks to the animation in the building facade of Barcelona City Council and the Auditorium of Barcelona.

Jorge Carrión

Writer and director of the Masters on Creative Writing of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. He’s published with Sagar Forniés, the comic book Barcelona. Los vagabundos de la chatarra (Ed. Norma). And, in the non-fiction books, Teleshakespeare (Ed. Errata Naturae), Librerías (Ed. Anagrama) and Barcelona: Libro de los pasajes (Ed. Galaxia Gutenberg).

Ana Belén Rivero

She’s a shameless and funny artist with loads of followers on social media. She’s published her work via crowdfunding: Mens sana in corpore ni tan mal and Somos pobres en euros pero ricos en pelos del coño, being this last one a total best seller. She’s drawn the illustration for the book of the Twitter user Perra de Satán and has published his comic strips in Yorokobu, Divinity, Mongolia and FHM. She’s currently working on a weekly basis in El Jueves magazine.


Raul Deamo

Creador inquieto dedicado al diseño, el audiovisual y la escritura de cómics. Desde muy pequeño se enamoró de ellos como lector y más tarde se introdujo en el mundo de la historieta como guionista desarrollando diversos personajes y series, sobre todo con su hermano Dani y firmando como Deamo Bros. Publica en la revista Amaníaco la serie de humor Dias Moscosos junto con el mítico Jan (autor deSuper López). Su interés por el mundo del vino es más reciente y dió como fruto el documental transmedia y colaborativo Deconstruint el vi català (2013)