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La Quinta de la DOCat

The premiere took place on Wednesday 13th December at 7.30pm, at Phenomena in Barcelona


‘Bohemia’ is one of our star projects this season. The short film, based on a Vinomic comic strip by David Morancho, was produced by Jordi Comellas, producer and director of the Zoom Festival and president of Catalunya Film Festivals, directed by filmmaker Anna Petrus and stars Roger Dalmases, Ferran Herrera and Bruna Cusí. Cusí was one of the stars of “Summer 1993”, for which she received a Goya nomination for Best Emerging Actress. The short film tells the story of a young man named Fermí who, in 1920s rural Catalonia, sees how his life changes with the arrival of Anna Mir, a painter who awakes a passion for art and painting in him, while he reveals to her the only world he knows: vineyards and wine. The cinematography is faithful to the comic, adapting Morancho’s story to a new language: audiovisual. The treatment of colour is clear evidence of this fidelity, as is the exhaustive work on casting, which aimed to find actors who were similar to the characters in the comic. This closes the first edition of this project, which pairs wines and comics, and which we launched with the aim of diffusing wine culture though other cultural expressions.

‘Bohemia’ will now start a long journey, reaching the top short film and cinema festivals, both nationally and internationally.

A look at Bohemia